MyCareerist Inc. 


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We are 100% candidate focused.We operate on a traditional career coaching model, not an agency or recruiting model and do not accept placement fees. That means that you, the candidate, pay a professional (though never exorbitant) rate for our time and expertise and in exchange we provide a service to the candidate that no recruiter can match: We put your needs 1st!

Furthermore, we are tech industry hiring specialists: we employ reformed technical recruiters, hiring managers, and other industry mentors who have anywhere from 2,000-10,000+ career hours navigating both sides of the interview table.

We offer an insider's knowledge, perspective, connections, and most of all - expert mentorship to help you avoid uncertainty and get pointed in the right direction to your next career step.


//my·ca·reer·ist/ n.:

someone who is obsessed with your success; 

an industry insider who desires, above all else, for you to be successful in your career and seeks to help you advance it through education, coaching, and strategy

Katharine Betteridge, Founder

Katharine's first resume was eclectic at best: she graduated from college with 8 years of IT support & Front-end Development, along with substantial writing credentials, and a B.A. in Peace and Conflict Studies (yes, that is a major). She took a leap of faith and jumped into her first job as a technical recruiter based on her love of technology and desire to help people succeed. After five years in the recruiting industry, she's converted to the candidate side as a career coach so she can focused 100% on helping individuals identify and land their next great opportunity.